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After many years of working under the name ‘Content Drive’, we have decided to rebrand to ‘Search Hog’. The name Content Drive was based on the concept of content marketing driving forward SEO, but we found that many people didn’t make this semantic link so a rebrand was necessary.

The name doesn’t change what we do or how we do it – we are still providing the same SEO, PPC and web design services to our clients across the UK.

Search Hog gives us a fun, catchy name with the possibility for Hog-related  puns galore! It also gave us a reason to do a website refresh, much needed after over 5 years with the same design.

We hope you like the new name and logo – let’s hope it leads to many happy years hogging the search results for our clients!



Matthew Pavli

Matthew Pavli is the founder of Search Hog and resident SEO expert. When he's not geeking out on Google algorithm changes, he can be found surfing at one of his local beaches in Cornwall.

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