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Freelance SEO Consultant UK

Hi there, I’m Matthew – a freelance SEO consultant and the founder of Search Hog. I’ve worked in SEO for over 8 years both in an agency setting and in-house.

I specialise in innovative link-building techniques, whilst also maintaining a strong understanding of technical SEO.

Alongside this, I have worked on several high-profile PPC accounts, managing large budgets for some blue-chip companies.

I have a proven track record in delivering results over hundreds of successful digital marketing campaigns.

To manage the busier periods, I work with a number of other trusted freelance SEO experts including developers, PR specialisrs and content writers to help me on certain projects.

Take a look at my case studies for more examples of our work, connect with Matthew on Linkedin or contact me for more info on your project!

Matt Pavli

Why Choose Matthew Pavli for your SEO Project?

I can increase your online visibility using cutting-edge SEO and digital marketing techniques. From optimising your website to creating exceptional user experiences, I have the skills and knowledge to deliver growth for your business.

  • UK-based freelance SEO consultant.
  • Expert in SEO, PPC, web design and ecommerce strategies.
  • Covering the UK, the US and Canada.
  • Competitive hourly rate of £45/hour

As a certified Google specialist, you can trust me to improve the visibility of your website whether it’s on Squarespace, Magento, Wix, Bigcommerce or any other platform.

However, I prefer to work on Shopify and WordPress sites as they have the best SEO capabilities for my clients.

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“Matthew has helped us climb the rankings and drive more enquiries for our business. The work with him has paid itself off several times over. ”

David Cooper-Dunn, Director at Circa Construction

What does a Freelance SEO Expert Do?

SEO in itself is a huge field, and any specialist will need to have an array of skills in order to rank sites effectively.

You may be looking for a technical SEO specialist; copywriter; website UX expert or link-building specialist as these are all important skills for an experienced practicioner.

In fact, due to the ever-changing nature of working in SEO, it’s more important the specialist is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends than anything else.

Below are some of the main tasks a SEO expert will perfom on your site:

Technical Website Audit

The main focus of an SEO audit is to understand the technical issue which may be holding the site back from performing well on search engines. With over 200 ranking factors, there’s too many to mention here, but any good freelance SEO specialist will be able to pinpoint the specific problems and suggest fixes for these.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Researching the top keywords for the site based on keyword volume and relevance provides the basis for the creation of meta titles, descriptions and on-page content to increase your visibility for those keywords. This is a vital part of any SEO project, and something any freelance SEO consultant should be well-versed in!

Content Marketing & Link-Building

Implementing a content strategy designed to both rank for long-tail search terms and build links is a vital skill for any freelance SEO, now closely linked with digital PR. By increasing traffic for these pages and generating backlinks, in-turn rankings for ‘money pages’ will increase.

Freelance SEO Support for Agencies

The shift towards online engagement has seen digital agencies flooded with clients eager to enhance their online footprint. Coupled with the significant workforce changes, often there’s more SEO work than your team can handle.

Whether it’s a one-time need or ongoing support until you expand your team, Matt Pavli at Search Hog is ready to step in and seamlessly integrate with your agency’s workflow, branding, and standards, ensuring a smooth extension of your team’s capabilities.

Whether it’s interim support until your next permanent SEO hire, continuous strategic guidance, or assistance with a specific project like a website launch, Search Hog, led by Matt Pavli, is at your service. Our freelance SEO assistance for Agencies spans all aspects of SEO, including on-page, technical, local SEO, website migrations as well as expert Google Adwords assistance.

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Freelance SEO Specialist FAQs

Why Hire a Freelance SEO Expert?

You may be thinking what you need a freelance SEO expert for? Quite simply to improve the keyword rankings for your website and drive more traffic to your website. 

If you’re looking for an SEO professional without the hassle of a contract, I can bring my skills to long-term marketing campaigns or one-off projects. And my experience can help you bridge any knowledge gaps in your SEO strategy. Hiring a freelance SEO gives you the affordable flexibility your business needs without compromising on quality.

An SEO Agency has larger overheads to cover. And that can push charges up to £150 per hour. So hiring a freelance SEO consultant is a cost-effective way to stretch your budget further.

Will SEO Work for your Business?

Even the most traditional businesses recognise the power of digital marketing. I can help you increase organic traffic and drive new customers to your website.

Whilst there is a cost involved in implementing SEO, it has one of the highest ROIs of any digital marketing channel and will pay for itself many times over in the long term.

How much do Freelance SEO Services Cost?

My hourly rate is £55 + VAT, and I may request 50% upfront for technical SEO audits, with the remainder to be paid on completion.

I’m available for one-off projects and long-term retainers, so contact me to find out how I can create your next campaign.

Where are you Based?

I am a freelance SEO expert based in Cornwall, but work with ecommerce and service-based clients across the UK and further afield.

Will you Sign an NDA?

I’m happy to sign an NDA, often required when dealing with embargoed or sensitive material for a new product launch. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

How do you handle SEO for multiple clients in the same industry?

To prevent conflicts of interest I will only work for one client targeting a particular set of keywords. This does not mean I won’t have multiple clients in the same industry however as they may be targeting slightly different terms. For example, I would work with an accountant targeting local searches in London and one targeting local searches in Manchester as there would be no conflict of interest in terms of target keywords.

Do you use white hat SEO techniques?

Yes, I strictly adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use only white hat SEO techniques to ensure long-term success and avoid penalties.

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