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What are Header Tags?

Header tags, seen in HTML as <h1> <h2> <h3> etc. add certain styling to headings, making them larger and bolder in most

However, these tags also have a function in SEO. They basically work as indicators on the importance of certain keywords on
your page.

The H1 tag is the most important target keyword on the page (and there should only be one), with H2/H3 tags used for

Ideally every heading should be planned with a keyword in mind, although they are also good to break up the
content on the page.

On WordPress, you don’t need to go into the HTML to edit these – you can simply select the text and select the heading type on
the drop-down box labelled ‘Paragraph’ above the text editor.

 The 5 Key Rules of Header tags:

  • The H1 tag is for the most important target keyword on the page.
  • There should only be one H1 tag per page.
  • Sub-headings are labeled as H2’s, sub-sub-headings should be H3’s, etc.
  • Headers aren’t all about SEO – remember to use them to make your text more visually appealing by breaking up the text!
Matthew Pavli

Matthew Pavli is the founder of Search Hog and resident SEO expert. When he's not geeking out on Google algorithm changes, he can be found surfing at one of his local beaches in Cornwall.

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