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Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister was ‘colourful’ to say the least. From leaving the EU, through the pandemic and on to the scandals like Partygate, there was never a dull moment during his premiership.

But, what did the public think about him?  We conducted reseach using data from Google Trends, Keyword Planner and SEO software Ahrefs to find out the most Googled queries about Boris Johnson during his time in power.

The Most Googled Queries about Boris Johnson

Keyword Average Monthly Search Volume (Google UK) - June 2021 - June 2022
How old is Boris Johnson? 17,000
How many children does Boris Johnson have? 9,700
Where is Boris Johnson today? 4,500
How many kids does Boris Johnson have? 4,400
When did Boris Johnson become Prime Minister? 2,900
How old is Boris Johnson wife? 2,700
Where was Boris Johnson born? 2,500
How much does Boris Johnson earn? 1,900
Who will replace Boris Johnson? 1,800
How long has Boris Johnson been Prime Minister? 1,700

It’s interesting to see that the second and fourth most searched for terms on Google UK were ‘how many children does Boris Johnson have?’ and ‘how many kids does Boris Johnson have?’ (something he’s been quite vague about in the past!).

The Most Googled Keywords Relating to PM Scandals

Keyword Average Monthly Search Volume (Google UK) - June 2021 - June 2022)
sue gray report 44000
partygate 16000
chris pincher 5400
downing street parties 1000
owen paterson lobbying 900
downing street flat 700

Despite the Chris Pincher scandal being the straw that broke the camel’s back for many of his Cabinet, it seems that the public were far more outraged with the Partygate scandals and subsequent Sue Gray report into this. Partygate-related terms were the most searched for of all the scandals, with a combined 61,000 average searches a month in the past 12 months.

Partygate certainly touched a nerve for many Britons, probably due to the hypocrisy from the Government breaking the rules when most people were strictly following them. This can be shown using Google data, with people searching for ‘lockdown rules’ and ‘new lockdown rules’ combined a whopping 1.19 million times at its peak in November 2020, when new lockdown restrictions were implemented by Boris Johnson.

Keyword Searches: Nov 2020
lockdown rules 823,000
new lockdown rules 368,000

Search Trends During Boris Johnson’s Last 12 Months in Charge

Using data from Google Trends we look at some of the peaks in search enquiries on Google UK from June 2021 to June 2022 to see how public interest varied on some of the most controversial topics in Boris Johnson’s reign.

Downing Street Flat Refurbishment

People searched widely in November 2021 to inform themselves on the emerging story of the donor-funded Downing Street flat refurbishments, and then again in January 2022 when the Party was issued a fine over the matter. However, interest has since flatlined showing how scandals soon fall from public interest (or are surpassed by the next one!).

The Sue Gray Report

sue gray report searches

There were 23% more searches for the redacted Sue Gray report in January 2022 than for the full report in May, suggesting interest waned in the matter and Boris Johnson did benefit politically from the delay.

The Next PM

Unsurpisingly, searches skyrocketed for ‘Who Will the Next Prime Misiter Be?’ after Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Google Search Results…A Tool for Political Analysis?

Whether it’s finding out the most searched query for Boris Johnson, or researching other political issues, Google search data is a useful tool for understanding social opinion.

Will it become more of a tool for political parties in the future?

Using this Research on your Site

You are welcome to use this research on your site, with reference back to the Search Hog website when you do so.

For any queries about the data, please email [email protected].

Matthew Pavli

Matthew Pavli is the founder of Search Hog and resident SEO expert. When he's not geeking out on Google algorithm changes, he can be found surfing at one of his local beaches in Cornwall.

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