The Brief

Blake & Bull are an online retailer of a range of accessories for range cookers as well as offering services such as cleaning, conversion and re-enamelling.

They had grown well locally but wanted to sell more of a range of the products they manufacture nationally.

The Solution

Fixed technical SEO issues

Identified target keywords and mapped to site, implementing in SEO campaigns

Created an innovative link-building campaign to build backlinks to the site

How We Did It:

The Blake & Bull site had several technical issues including keyword cannibalisation, 404 pages, slow pages and a lack of keyword targeting. The first step was to fix these technical issues which led to an instant bounce in traffic.

The next step was to improve the number of backlinks to the site. This was achieved through guest posting on other sites as well a creating an innovative infographic for placement on various sites.


SEO and PPC Management 2+ Years 


Blake & Bull

What We Did

Increased visibility across a range of keywords. Improved cost/conversion rate on PPC by 50%.

The Results

This was the company’s first experience using an SEO agency and the results aided their business growth massively. Monthly traffic up 40% year-on-year with revenue from search traffic up 118% (September 2021 vs 2020).

This was primarily achieved through finding the correct keywords to target and adding relevant content to these pages.

Built several new backlinks to put the website in prime position across its target keywords.

Increased turnover from PPC by 30% (2021 vs 2020).

“The continuing work done by Search Hog excellent and the way it was presented, in an easy to understand format, is very useful to our business. No idea why you wouldn’t be investing in your SEO, use Search Hog to do it better!”

Matthew Bates, Director at Blake & Bull

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