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How do we do it?

Pay-per-click advertising, when done correctly, is an extremely effective way of generating more revenue for your business. We can set up targeted ads meaning that people are more likely to buy when they click through to your site.

We can target ads using a variety of factors such as location, time of day and specific keywords, meaning your ads will only show to people likely to buy from your site.
We differ from other digital marketing agencies in that we have a much more personal approach, getting to know your business inside out with the idea of building up a long-term partnership (as we have with most of our clients!).
Our main assets are our:


As certified Google Partners we are up-to-date with the latest developments on the Adwords platform.


With so many facets to PPC, we have skilled people to both assess the data and create compelling advertising copy.

Our Credentials

"If you are looking for a paid search agency, Search Hog have delivered every time. We can guarantee we will be found for our most important search terms."

Edwin TaylorManaging Director, The Vet Service

Why Choose Search Hog as your Paid Search Agency?

As a Google Ads Agency we specialise in finding what keywords people are using to find your product or service.

We can identify the top traffic keywords for your site meaning we don’t waste ad expenditure on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business.

What’s more, we will work hard to ensure you understand the work being done on your account though our monthly reporting, giving you an insight on how your ads are performing.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising FAQs

What exactly is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. Every time your ads are clicked, you pay a fee. And you’ll only pay for advertising when your ad is clicked. PPC can be used as part of your marketing strategy alongside SEO.
Google didn’t become one of the biggest companies in the world by mistake – they make their money through paid advertising, which you will see as Ads dotted around the search engine result pages.
How much you pay for these ads varies greatly depending on the industry and how relevant and well-written your Ad is.
Pay-per-click advertising is becoming more and more important and has many crossovers with SEO due to it also being keyword-focused.
Google Adwords is Google’s paid search marketing platform and is an increasingly popular form of advertising. This type of marketing allows you to put your ads directly in front of users searching for a specific keyword.
You’ll bid on business-relevant keywords, and your ads then appear in the sponsored links section of the results page. So if we bid for ‘hotels in Cornwall’, your ad could show up at the top of Google’s results.

Is PPC the Right Strategy for you?

A well-executed PPC campaign should have a high ROAS (return on ad spend), although it really depends how valuable a lead is to you. In effect, that means a visit to your site is worth more than the cost of a click.
However, there are no guarantees that a PPC campaign will drive relevant traffic to your site, and setting it up yourself could lead to wasted spend.
As PPC specialists we have the skills and expertise to target the right keywords, create well-organised ad groups and campaigns around them, and set up conversion-optimised PPC landing pages.
In return, Google rewards well-targeted and relevant pages answering search queries, meaning you’ll enjoy a lower cost per click and higher profits.

Why do you Need a Google Adwords Agency?

The simple answer is that you don’t! It’s possible to run your own Google ad campaigns.
But we’ve audited these accounts and found some terrible results. For example, incorrect settings that waste your marketing budget. We often see broad-match and poorly targeted keywords that drive irrelevant traffic to your site or mis-configured conversion actions meaning people aren’t aware of what is working for them.
Unless you spend the time and money to undertake Google Ads training, it makes more sense to let a specialist agency handle it. The bottom line is that using a PPC agency is more cost effective and produces better results in the long term.

Where are you Based?

We are a Cornwall PPC Agency but work with clients across the UK – we are a small team of search marketing experts, meaning you have direct access to our expertise.
We like to get to know your business by visiting you on site, so we can find out how your business works and how we can help you maximise your online marketing.

How much does PPC Cost?

This is a popular query, and the answer is that it depends.
Different agencies charge differently for various add ons in your account
At Search Hog, we keep it simple and straightforward. We’ll agree a fixed fee, so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises. We base this on the work that needs to be done, your average monthly spend after undertaking a full audit of your account.
We can help you cut waste from your account and provide great returns that mean your PPC spend will be ROAS positive. We believe in creating excellent long-term business partnerships that are beneficial all round. And we think you’ll find our fees are minuscule compared to the savings you’ll make.
Ultimately the price we agree is based on the amount of spend on the account and the complexity of the ads. A business spending less than £500/month on Adwords can expect to spend £275+VAT as a management fee, for larger spends of £2K+ you would be looking at a monthly retainer of £550+VAT.

What is the Minimum Contract Term?

Work with us, and you’ll benefit from a monthly rolling Google Ad contract. That’s because we believe in going the extra mile every month to earn our seat at the table. So, if your campaign isn’t making money, we’ll let you know and you’re free to walk away at anytime.
We’ll be the first to tell you if we can’t improve your account or if we don’t think it’s viable. We need to be able to add value, so we can establish a long-term relationship and get the best results for your account.

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