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SEO Copywriting Services

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We are SEO Copywriters that can

Skyrocket your website content

How do we do it?

SEO copywriting services create more organic traffic to boost your website rankings. As competition over keywords and phrases for Google gets tougher, SEO copywriting gives your business the edge.

This strategic approach to generating and converting leads is the intelligent way to support your inbound marketing.


SEO copywriting uses techniques including keyword research, social media strategy, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation to generate leads and encourage your audience to take action.


Our SEO copywriting professionals know how to convert your viewers into potential customers. So using our SEO copywriting services to create engaging and unique content will boost your sales.

Our Credentials

" Search Hog has helped improve our google SERP rankings, traffic and conversions."

James DyerEcommerce Manager, Aquacure

How We Work

Search Hog are a professional SEO agency that can help your business improve its search engine rankings.

Our diverse skillset means we offer a full range of SEO copywriting services, focusing on:

Content that Matches Search Intent

SEO content should always match search intent. So when you hire our SEO copywriting services, we’ll take into account every aspect of your business, including customer intent.

Then we’ll create content that generates more clicks and views and raises brand awareness as part of your promotional strategy.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of high-quality copywriting. Using our SEO copywriting services means you’ll get highly relevant content that exceeds your expectations.

Our copywriters use the keywords and phrases your customers are looking for to create high-ranking and informative content that can help put you on that all-important page one.

SEO Content Optimisation

Every business wants to be top of Google rankings. To get there, you need to analyse high-performing content and top-ranking pages.

By using keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to create a list of relevant phrases, our SEO copywriting services produce copy that ranks highly and exceeds the expectations of your audience.

Why Choose Search Hog for Your SEO Copywriting?

Are you finding content creation a challenge? Do you need high-quality articles that web visitors and Google search engines love? Then you need our highly-skilled house team of professional copywriters.

They’ll create unique and engaging content for your website, from product descriptions and blog posts to meta descriptions and landing pages. All fully optimised for the best possible outcomes.

Your business needs an SEO copywriter who captures your tone of voice and uses your target language. Our copywriters can help you:

  • Attract customers to your online store
  • Make it easy for them to buy from you
  • Keep them coming back for more.

Our experienced team will produce well-optimised, timely, informative and fresh content that people search for and that search engines love.

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“Search Hog’s SEO copywriters understand content that works well for search engines and humans alike. Highly recommended”

Edwin Taylor, Founder – The Vet Service

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