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We are always happy to get a new Shopify client, quite simply we love working on this platform!

For ecommerce stores, we always recommend Shopify to our clients – it has moved from being a platform primarily for startups to being much more scalable for enterprise-level clients as well.

In fact, Shopify now boasts an impressive 20% market share of the ecommerce market with over a million users on their platform as of 2019 according to their records.

As a specialist Shopify SEO agency, we deal with small clients just starting out right up to large-scale businesses with thousands of products. The great thing about the platform is – as you pay per transaction – the platform can grow with you.

Shopify also makes minor content edits, product and stock management very easy, leaving us to optimise Shopify site’s and maximise its traffic!

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What Shopify SEO Services do We Offer?

Of course, when you launch a new Shopify store you will need to drive traffic to get more leads and sell more products – and whilst social media ads and PPC can be useful, they ultimately have a cost-per-lead and can eat up your budget quickly.

Whilst SEO is less of a ‘quick fix’ you will find the long-term results more than worthwhile. Whilst there are a lot of DIY guides and ‘all in one SEO’ plugins, you may find hiring a Shopify SEO expert is your best option to increased traffic!

Shopify sites ‘out of the box’ can be a little restrictive. We typically like to dive into the code and make some edits as we find some common Shopify SEO issues range from irrelevant blog tag pages being indexed, over-reliance on apps affecting speed and confusing product tag pages ranking over the main product page.

As a specialist Shopify SEO consultant agency our process for analysing and working on these sites is usually as follows:

Shopify SEO Audit

Using our SEO software we assess why the Shopify site may not be ranking as well as it should; common issues include site speed; lack of keyword targeting in header and meta tags; low domain authority caused by a low number of backlinks; 404 errors; irrelevant pages being indexed and many more.

Shopify Technical Fixes & Optimisation

Once we have assessed the main issues from the audit, we will look to optimise your Shopify site according to Google’s latest guidelines for their algorithm. We will start by fixing the technical issues and then optimising it to rank as competitively as possible looking at factors such as site speed, usability and keyword research and targeting.

Shopify Content Marketing & Link-Building

Once the site is set up to SEO best practices it’s time to start the process of content marketing in the form of on-site and off-site content that helps to build the site’s authority in search engines. We will look at creating quality content that can attract long-tail search terms and help build sustainable links to your website, ultimately growing your traffic.

Why Choose Search Hog as your Shopify SEO Consultant?

SEO is a long-term inbound marketing strategy that can have incredible results for the growth of your online business. A relationship with any SEO provider should be one you trust as there can be quite a delay before you start seeing the results of their work.

As trusted Shopify SEO consultants with proven results, we only use ‘white hat’ SEO techniques such as targeted keyword implementation and building sustainable backlinks from quality sources that won’t harm your site.

We are unique as a Shopify SEO agency as we have a much more personal approach than other agencies, getting to know your business inside-out and working closely with you almost like an in-house member of staff.

Based in Cornwall but with clients across the UK – we have a small, friendly team of Shopify SEO consultants that can help with optimising sites from startups to enterprise-level ecommerce businesses.

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“The continuing work done by Search Hog is very useful to our business. No idea why you wouldn’t be investing in your Shopify SEO, use Search Hog to do it better!”
Matthew Bates, Director at Blake & Bull

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